Mind Dress

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Get organized

Add your clothes and digitalize your wardrobe to have a clear overview about what you have

Less is more

Create capsules with a limited number of items and combine them differently for new and creative looks

Be mindful

Instead of buying new clothes use the outfit generator and get new ideas to bring out the maximum from your closet


Digitalize your wardrobe to get an overview. Realizing and being aware of what we own makes us also use them more. Bring out the maximum from your wardrobe!



Create capsules with a limited number of clothing from your wardrobe which then can be easily combined together. Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of your capsule wardrobe.



Create new outfits or let us generate them for you! You will see how cool and different looks are possible with your clothes. You can also set up daily notifications so that you get new ideas each day for what to wear.


Mind Dress Pro Get it on Google Play

Unlimited generated outfits

You can generate as much outfits as you like without any interruptions

As many capsules as you want

Not enough capsules? No problem! Using the Pro version you can have as many as you want!

No ads

Ads are annoying, we know. You can get rid of them by purchasing the Pro version

Supporting the developers

By buying Mind Dress Pro you are directly supporting the developers who created this app over many weekends and evenings :)